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Name of Corporation Welcron Healthcare CO., LTD.
Date of Establishment Sep. 2002
Stock Holder Welcron Corporation 100%
Head Office 563-13 SipJung Dong, BuPyung Ku, Incheon, Korea
Seoul Office 212-24 Guro Dong, Guro Gu, Seoul, Korea
Main Items Female goods : Sanitary Napkins, Hot fomentation
pads, Panty liners
Baby Items : Diapers
Household Goods : Wet tissues, Facial Tissues,
Toilet Papers
YEJIMIIN, established in 2002 as a manufacturing company of YEJIMIIN, has succeeded in female sanitary napkin industry by inventing innovative products of oriental herbal sanitary napkins using 5 Korean premium herb ingredients for the first time in Korea. Before YEJIMIIN launched, women used to regard sanitary napkins just as a necessary goods for period. However YEJIMIIN has made women consider their health and deodorizing, which became key factors they highly regard when choosing sanitary pads now. Since the foundation, YEJIMIIN has been trying to satisfy women’s various demands with High-quality products.
We are always open to speak with a single customer and potential distributor in order to provide better goods.

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